Sojourning Brethren are welcome to visit Doric Lodge for an evening of fellowship. Visiting Brethren are required to provide proof that they are a member in good standing in a recognized lodge, or vouched for should you know a brother of the lodge. This may be provided in the form of a letter of good standing or dues card.

All visitors will be examined by a senior member of the lodge in the usual manner known to Masons, unless he can be vouched for. Please allow a little extra time before the meeting. Even though Masonry is universal, modes of recognition may differ slightly between the different constitutions.

As a lodge with a history of fellowship, we encourage visiting Brothers to dress in Business Casual clothing. That means a dark suit (grey, etc.) or tuxedo, but if you are visiting and don’t have that with you, smart casual is acceptable.

Visitors are encouraged to stand at the end of the meeting and give a greeting from their lodge during the good of the craft.

Please join us after the meeting for fellowship at our festive board where there’s plenty to eat and enjoy the good company of men.

Doric Lodge No. 18, Nanaimo, BC