All inquires about Doric Lodge should be directed to the information listed below.
Membership inquires about joining our Lodge can be viewed on “Becoming a Mason“.

Map icon Lodge Address

Freemasons Hall
620 Morpeth Avenue
Nanaimo, BC V9S 5J6

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VW Bro. Ralph Rayner

When Does Doric Lodge Meet?

Doric Lodge meets on the third Tuesday of each month, except July & August

The Lodge tyles at 7:30 P.M., all sojourning brethren are welcome. If you need a ride, please contact the secretary to make arrangements.

Dress code is usually a dark suit or blazer, slacks, and tie. However, you are welcome no matter what you are wearing as long as you have a dues card. We can supply a Masonic apron should you need one.

First Time Visitors

First time Freemasons coming to Doric Lodge should arrive with a fellow brother who can vouch for their status, or be prepared to present their credentials and allow for further examination should it be required.

Festive Boards

The Lodge has numerous festive boards throughout the year, with some being before Lodge tyles (These are usually large events such as Robbie Burns, Installations, etc.) and smaller boards after Lodge is over. Men who have not yet become Freemasons and are considering joining the craft are also welcome; all that it takes is to either know, and be invited by an existing member, or contact the Lodge Secretary and he’ll arrange for a member to extend the invitation!

Doric Lodge No. 18, Nanaimo, BC